Thursday, January 5, 2012


Heya, I'm Tapeta and I always loved to talk about certain things like what I think of some video games for instance, yet find myself nowadays too busy to talk with certain friends, and those guys have their own things to do, and I can never find the discussion for games I'm craving.  So I'm starting this blog!  But since I don't want to just talk about video games, I made this blog's title generic so I can rant about anything I so choose (I'm a big cat person irl so people like to joke about me being a cat, hence catting around).

Now Skyrim, I love the game to death, huge Elder Scrolls fan in general, addicted to the lore of the series, but the more you love and know something, the more aware you are of its flaws.  Here we go:

I'm fine with adding children to games, I truly am, the world might not be as immersive to some with a lack of children (I don't mind however) and they can serve some purposes adults wouldn't really fit into, such as a quest where you are ordered to find a young girl who's destined to become some sort of symbol or whatever of a goddess.  That's pretty neat!  But since they're going to be essential (in this day and age, releasing a game where you can slaughter children?  Yeah I don't think any company is going to want to take the heat for this), it's fair to make it so that the children DON'T antagonize you, right?  All I ask is you do not make bratty children talk down to you, knowing that they're immune from any repercussions whatsoever.  Bethesda, the team that worked on Skyrim, had this problem with Fallout 3, especially (maybe solely?) Little Lamplight.  The kids would talk absolute trash to you and of course there isn't a thing you can do.  I know, mods exist, games should be played on the PC, but they could at least have the decency to keep things down in vanilla versions of the game and not make people hate children.

Of course, in Skyrim there are children that will talk to you like you're beneath them, and really, without mods you are.  They're invincible, you aren't.  You can be the most fearsome, dragon-slaying hagraven-skin-wearing maniac Tamriel has ever seen, and the Jarl's son will comment on you being another suck-up up his father.  That's just annoying and it seems like the devs are purposefully tormenting players for the fun of it.

I did like some of the other children though, especially when I helped their parents and got respected by them.  These ones were nice/polite before I even helped, and I could at least appreciate their existence then.  I found some of them adorable even, so I know they can be implemented right.

Of course the nicest child I ever discovered happened to be, ironically, the ghost of a deceased girl who was burned alive in her own home.  Maybe I'll pretend that was intentional on Bethesda's part and they're clever enough to think of such a taunting premise.  Who am I kidding, that was just a coincedence.

This post is getting pretty big so I'll finish up for now with dragons: I was expecting more variation in them, but unfortunately they're all pretty much the same.  It's great that something new was done, and people have always wanted dragons in the Elder Scrolls games, but for the original users of the voice, they seem to only know a few.  Or just one, that dragon breath attack.  Having them utilize more of the voices and have it vary among them would have been much better, like how spellcaster enemies at least can have different spells and make a fight different than expected.

Spoilers for those who don't want the end of the game... spoiled.

Alduin, the final boss of the game, fights just like any other dragon in the game.  And you are given immortal helpers in the fight, which aren't really needed.  The fight before him, I fought a dragon priest and two other dragons at the same time.  That fight was way harder and definitely more enjoyable, all the game creators had to do was give Alduin some neat spawnable minions or something if they weren't going to go through the trouble of making him different than the other dragons.  I shouldn't complain much, at least we got a final boss again in this game.

That's it for my first blog post, I'll be updating whenever I feel the need, and try to keep them shorter since while I want people to read them, I don't want my posts to be too daunting to read in the first place!


  1. I used to play Skyrim, then I took an arrow to the knee...

  2. Huge Morrowind fan here, but that's my pitch lol - I like and review older video games mostly ;)